Brazilian wax Q&A

What is a Brazilian bikini wax?

Brazilian bikini wax is hair removal of ALL of the hair in the woman's bikini area-front to back. Some women opt to leave a strip in the front.


How to I prepare for a Brazilian bikini wax?

 If you normally shave the hair in your bikini area you would need to allow at least 10 days of growth in order to have the hair long enough to wax. If the hair is fully grown in you would want to trim the hair down to 1/2 inch in length. 


Is Brazilian bikini wax painful?

 Waxing is uncomfortable because the hair is being pulled out at the root. The first time you have a Brazilian wax it will be the most uncomfortable. Some clients choose to take an ibuprofen (Advil) before the treatment and say that it helps.


What if I am menstruating when my appointment is scheduled?

 Waxing right before or during your menstruation period may cause your waxing experience to be more painful due to increased skin sensitivity.  It is recommended to schedule your appointment after your menstrual cycle but can still be performed even if you have your period.


Do I wear anything during wax treatment?

 You will be given a pair of disposable underwear that are adjusted as needed  so you  feel more comfortable.


How often would I need to have a Brazilian bikini wax?

 It is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks.


Is there a particular age group that this treatment is appropriate for?

 Women of all ages receive this wax treatment.